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Sellers, Why Choose Three Lagoons Realty?

Sellers, Why Choose Three Lagoons Realty?

There are thousands of options when choosing a real estate agent to represent you. How does a consumer choose which agent is right for them? What differentiates this agent or office from the next?

At Three Lagoons Realty, we understand you have many choices to find an agent. Below are our commitments, values, and expectations when working with sellers.  We hope this information can help you when looking for a brokerage to partner with in a real estate transaction. 

1.         Strategic Planning: Meeting with clients to discuss expectations is crucial for success. Communicating with clients so both parties have a clear understanding of the sales process is vital for a smooth transaction. We will listen to your needs and work with you to fulfill these requests. We will discuss a strategic approach to selling your home based on market data & marketing plans.

2.         Marketing: Three Lagoons will fulfill a complete marketing plan to include:

-An online presence that encompasses the Multiple Listing Service, over 30 online real estate websites such as Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, etc, Social Media, online video's, Three Lagoons Realty website and your very own listing webpage. 

-Broker Caravan that includes presenting your home and flyers to the North County Association of Realtors Broker Caravan where you can get exposure to MANY people within the local real estate community. After the presentation we host an Open House to the local real estate community to highlight the home, network with agents, and work to find a buyer. 

-Strategic Open Houses will include a discussion and plan for the appropriate type of open house to create traffic with prospective buyers.

-Print advertising will include distinct signage at the property, flyers available at the outside of the property filled at ALL times. (This is a personal pet peeve when we see empty flyer boxes at the front yard of a property for sale). We will meet with the entire neighborhood to create a buzz around the community that your home is available for purchase.

-Homes Staging and Ariel Photography available upon request. Additional fee may occur for this service.

3.         Staging/Repairs: We will highlight your homes attributes with staging and review any repairs or improvements with you that is needed to best showcase your home to maximize its potential.

4.         Pricing: We will complete our research and price your home competitively to get it sold in a timely manner. We understand the market, stay up to date on inventory, current sales, and feel confident in our education and experience to be able to price your home accurately.

5.        Communication: Open, consistent communication & follow up will occur with all parties from the beginning to end of the transaction to ensure we close on time. We work as a team with all entities to make this process run smoothly, stress free, and work to create an enjoyable experience for all.