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Why Carlsbad?

Carlsbad is a beautiful seaside resort town that draws in countless vacationers every year. Once you pay Carlsbad a visit you will soon find out why it is the perfect place to call home. It is located 87 miles south of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of downtown San Diego. 

Here are 6 reasons why you should call Carlsbad home.

1. Carlsbad is among the most active real estate markets in the US.
In the current years, the Carlsbad real estate market has really developed into one of the most active property markets in US. As it occupies 7 miles of shoreline along the Pacific Sea, Carlsbad provides a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy the lush green scenery and scenic beachfront areas. Remarkable beach locations, picturesque lagoons, Legoland, and the enchanting Downtown Carlsbad Village are a few popular destinations that lure visitors to buy property in Carlsbad. This stunning town also has departmental stores, golf courses, outdoor activities, historical sites and lot more to keep people engaged during the weekends.

2.World-class business environment

Carlsbad is not just a seaside neighborhood, but a world-class business city as well. This city has really shown remarkable job growth in the last four years. Carlsbad provides a wide range of business opportunities such as life sciences, action sports manufacturing, clean technology, hospitality, leisure and information and community technology (ICT). Recent statistics show a job growth rate of 1.85 percent.

As it has become a top vacation location and an important center for multiple-national businesses, residential real estate is likewise growing more quickly than ever before.

3. Tourism is on the rise

As tourism is growing every year, several restaurant chains have opened their centers in Carlsbad in recent years. Businesses are able to benefit from the rise in tourism by marketing their business and crafts specifically to tourists.

4. Carlsbad has an excellent climate

Apart from all these positive aspects of making an investment in Carlsbad, climatic conditions of the region are also ideal for settlement. The temperature here is moderate and varies between 65 F and 75 F. This makes Carlsbad a fantastic place to live.

5. Price appreciation in the Carlsbad real estate market has been amazing

In the past year, Carlsbad has seen a price appreciation of nearly 4.32 %. This town is truly an investment destination with a multitude of luxury real estate options for both investors and residents. The Carlsbad real estate industry is progressing at a stable rate despite other markets experiencing downtime. With favorable situations for all kinds of businesses, home values are expected to rise rapidly in coming years.

6. Quality of Life

There are 100's of reasons to move to Carlsbad but at the top of that list is the quality of life Carlsbad has to offer. With it's 74 and sunny climate you can spend endless hours enjoying the beautiful outdoors at the beaches, lagoons, or numerous trails. The city promotes a healthy lifestyle and is always expanding and enhancing its outdoor offerings. Transportation is offered by car, air and rail with Palomar Airport and the COASTER.  We have top rated schools, close proximity to major universities, a diverse workforce and a offer a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities. We offer big city amenities within small town charm. We have wonderful people who care about our community, give back, and look to enhance the city. The quality of life is great in Carlsbad.